Stories from ICO in Zambia

by Rita | April 1, 2020

My name is Richard Sokotela and I am 56 years old. I am a former Zambia air Force civilian employee and now retired due to health challenges. I was diagnosed with HIV last year in 2019 after a series of sickness. From that time my life has never been the same, due to sickness I stayed home most of the time and could not manage going to work and so I had to resign, I was often bed ridden and I would only depend on my wife who has been on my side through these difficult times.

Since last year I have failed to provide for my family. My children have dropped out of school, I can’t afford to help them with their basic needs. My concern is that they will soon fall prey to teenage pregnancies or marriages, which are so prevalent in our community.

I thank God for the team who have helped me with a monthly food package, that way they lessen the burden of putting food on my table. May the Lord continue to bless you and provide for you as you provide for us. I also want to say thank you to the supplement Selenium that has greatly improved my appetite and my well being. I can now I can sit up and I’m seeing great improvement.

Please Pray:

  1. For God to give me total recovery so that I can get back to my feet and help my family.
  2. For the Lord to provide schooling opportunities to my Daughters so that they would be different from the girls in this community.
  3. For the Lord to protect me and my family from this new Virus that is going round. (COVID-19)
My name is Ntandiwe and I’m 15 years of age. I live in Zambia with my Aunt. I was born HIV positive, I was diagnosed at birth in 2005. My chances of survival were incredibly slim. I lived in hospitals the first several years of my life. I have been on HIV treatment ever since.

Before I came to Kabwe, I stayed in Nakonde with another Aunt of mine. Life was very difficult for me because most of the time I was sick. My Aunt was not giving me my medication because she was ignorant about the virus and the importance of ARVs.

My growing up has been surrounded by a constant negative lesson on HIV, and trying to understand what HIV is and it’s been so hard. I lost both my parents when I was eight and due to the pain of losing my loved ones I resented the doctors, HIV/AIDS and even God.

One day, some people whom I call my angels visited me with good news. They encouraged me from the word of God and spoke positively about HIV/AIDS and the importance of taking my medication on time. These people brought hope in my life and I’m now positive that one day my dream of becoming a nurse will be fulfilled. Thank you to the volunteers for their encouragement. Once I recover and have the strength, am going back to school!

Please Pray:

  1. That I could go back to school
  2. For God to heal me

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