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Pray for Ukraine: Supporting Those on the Frontlines

| WOW Staff |
In times of crisis and uncertainty, prayer is a source of comfort, strength, and hope. Today, we ask you to join us in lifting our brothers and sisters in Ukraine who are facing immense challenges amidst ongoing conflict.

One Hand Up. One Hand Down.

| Jim Cantelon |
Kathy and I will be in Africa as you read this letter. We try to be there at least twice each year in compliance with government “monitoring & evaluation” requirements. But we find it’s so very important to be there to meet with our champion ministries and their orphans and widows both to inspire and […]

It’s Something Extraordinary!

| Jim Cantelon |
Once a year WOW does something extraordinary! In cooperation with a proven Christian global organization, “Health Partners International”, we are able to provide desperately needed medications to our African ministries at a 7:1 match. This, of course, means that our donated funds are magnified 7 times, as is the volume of pharma we are able […]

A Thank Offering

| Jim Cantelon |
Gratitude to God is a critical core value of the believer – both for who God is and what He faithfully provides. Closely allied to thankfulness is remembrance. The Lord wants us to remember Him, not only when we worship, but in our daily life choices as well. And it’s always important to praise Him. […]

Wrap up a Bicycle

| Jim Cantelon |
In September Kathy and I flew to Africa to visit our champion partners in South Africa, Zambia and Malawi. It had been Three Long Years since our last visit. So good to connect in person rather than the stopgap ZOOM meetings we’d conducted during the Covid pandemic. We were grateful and humbled to see that […]

A Double Blessing

| Jim Cantelon |
I think we’re all troubled by the world of hurt in which we live. On the heels of a slow three-year COVID-19 retreat we’re suddenly facing serious environmental news – major rivers drying up (Germany’s Rhine, the Colorado in the US, the Yangtze in China, and even the Jordan in Israel), horrific pollution of “sacred” […]

Light a Candle in the Darkness

| Jim Cantelon |
  I don’t think any of us of the post-Second World War generation have ever experienced such dark times. There’s no need to list the litany of troubles facing us from natural disasters to pandemics and brutal regional wars. Our world is in a dark place. But as tough as it is for us, living […]

Ukraine Orphan Rescue

| Jim Cantelon |
The world is in uproar since I last wrote to you. The conflict in Ukraine is dominating our lives, easily eclipsing the ongoing Covid crisis. While we watch in horror, “Putin’s war” as it’s called, continues to decimate cities and human lives. Every day brings new destruction. Indeed by the time this letter reaches you […]

Fatherlessness – The Pivot Point of Poverty

| Jim Cantelon |
  We’ve read the reports and have seen the videos of countless migrants desperately trying to reach Europe from Africa on leaky inflatables. Some make it but many perish.The look of fear and panic on the faces of those pulled from the Mediterranean is soul crushing. Many of these migrants are young men, some of […]