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Update on Covid-19

by Rita | Mar 17, 2020

Dear Friends,

The world has been blindsided by the corona virus. We’re all facing unchartered territory. For the next few months (maybe longer) we’ll be faced with a new normal of restrictions, “social distancing”, shortages, reduced essential services, travel bans, and serious suffering. The only comfort is that the Lord has not been taken by surprise. He still loves and provides for his children.

Africa is just now reporting on the daily rise of Covid-19 in its many nations. We are very concerned because we work with thousands of HIV victims in Africa and India whose immune systems are already compromised. This, in concert with the limited medical services of Africa, means as one of our African partners put it,”We’re sitting on a time bomb”.

We need to remember these precious orphans and widows in prayer and in our gifts. I’m asking you to contribute via our website if possible. It may be that postal services personnel may be required to self isolate. The ministry must go on.

Many blessings to you!